I have a bit of an obsession with buttons.  I have a mason jar full of miscellaneous buttons from my mother and a variety of other sources; for example, I can’t let a shirt go in the rag bin without cutting off and keeping all of its buttons.  I might need them!  Also, they’re little, they don’t take up much space!  Also, because nostalgia.

When I was a kid, Mom had a tin full of loose buttons.  Sometimes she’d let me pour them out and play with them, and it was so awesome!  There were all kind of buttons; glass, plastic, shell, metal, some of them even had rhinestones in them.  I loved the feel of them pouring through my fingers, and the sound they made clinking back into their tin.  I *still* love those things, and it’s part of why I keep my own jar of buttons.

Yesterday, I completed a new pair of pants for myself.  I drafted the pattern, and took my time fitting it so that they were perfect.  The fabric is wonderfully loud, and I have plans and fabric for a beautiful yellow blouse to go with them.  One thing I failed to do, though, was to get a button for the fly front!  I remembered to acquire a zipper, but completely forgot a button.  Boo!

I immediately reached for my trouser hooks.  My trouser hooks happen to live in another mason jar, next to my buttons, and while reaching for them, I figured I might as well go through the buttons to see if I had anything suitable.  It was unlikely; the pants are navy blue and white in a very large print, and I didn’t think a metal button would go well.

As I poured buttons out onto my work table, a blue flash caught my eye!  And lo!  I have four buttons, each white with a blue triangle on them.  Utterly perfect for the print on these pants.  And it’s even the right blue.  I apologize for the terrible picture, but I wanted to show the button clearly without prematurely showing off the pants.

This is why you keep things.

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